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Titel: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: papier op 08 oktober 2013 23:01
hallo landkiters  8). Ik ga weer terug te gaan naar landkite in ijmuiden,Ik moet enkel vertrekken en gerepareerd mijn materiaal. Ik wist niet vliegen vanaf anderhalf jaar. Ik hoop dat het net als fietsen
Heb Ijmuiden is nog steeds zo geweldig? Harde zand en vlakke plek?

met sportive groet


anyway ... hello landkiters people. I'm going to go back again to landkite in Ijmuiden, I just have to check and repaired my equipment. I did not fly from one and a half years. I hope it's like riding a bike. Do Ijmuiden is still so wonderful? Hard sand and flat spot??
Titel: Re: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: 1UP op 08 oktober 2013 23:23
Hi Papier,

Welcome back at First.

As far as I know kiting is like biking. You almost never forget how to do it. But you might have some trouble in the beginning, but that is normal.

IJmuiden is in the winter period a really nice spot for flyboarding/landkiting.

You know there is a competition at IJmuiden on 18 October? (If you want more information about it, contact Bas van Meerwijk on Facebook or become member of the Kite-Freak or Flymaster group on Facebook.)

Hopefully you know enough now.

Feel free to ask.

(thanks for sending a English text also, because in the translation of probably Google are some stupid translations which make no sense. And then you get really strange sentences)
Titel: Re: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: papier op 10 oktober 2013 19:20
ok thx man  kusjee
Titel: Re: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: resqueman op 13 oktober 2013 11:30
Hallo my friend,
Lone time no see  hypo have you still got your kites?
Try to make it on the 19th and 20th of october.

Where: IJmuiderslag between 3 and 4 pole

 When: Saturday October 19th 09.00 / m 17.00
 Sunday, October 20 09.00 / 17.00 m

 To do : Service point and your own material

 Clinics Clinic power kiting
 Clinic flyboarden
 Clinic jump
 Clinic ramp / ramp
 Clinic slider
 Subscribe to the clinic ( s ) are you doing on Saturday
 morning at 10 o'clock in the organization , costs € 7.50
 per clinic .

 Matches: Race , speed over a route from A to B
 back to A.
 First across the finish line wins , second is 2 , third
 is 3rd

 Freestyle , best impression wins ..
 You make the best impression ? Book you the best Heat ?
 Do you know the best Airstyle or just new school ?
 Aries the slider you like best? You take the ramps
 most? Or are you the one nice move ?
 1st 2nd and 3rd place to forgive

 Best Crash , this discipline speaks for itself , crash
 you hardest , highest and most beautiful .... you do not go
 home empty-handed ...

 Subscribe to the races you doing on
 Saturday morning at 10:00 in the organization

 Furthermore : We hope on a blue sky and a
 nice breeze .
Titel: Re: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: papier op 17 oktober 2013 21:33
nothing change with my gear :) just  1.5 year without kite
anyway oldschool !
Titel: Re: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: papier op 17 oktober 2013 21:36
19th and 20th of october  ... nice . banana
Titel: Re: IJmuiden ?
Bericht door: dottmary84 op 11 april 2019 15:00